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Welcome to the Enigma Cracker website! I created this program mostly for the purpose of having some fun with the C++ language, as well as hopefully learning something. The idea came to me when I bought a copy of The Code Book by Simon Singh, and started to work my way through the Cipher Challenge. (More information can be found at The Cipher Challenge) Anyway, one of the codes was generated using the Enigma, so I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to put myself to the test as a programmer and as a cryptanalyst. I know that this problem has been solved already several times, and by the time I bought the book (only a few months ago as of Feb. 2007), the Cipher Challenge was long completed. But that didn't dissuade me from having a go at it myself.

The idea then came to me that perhaps the SourceForge community would find something of interest in the work that I would be doing on this project. Perhaps they could all help me out a bit too. At any rate, this is more of a project in community accomplishment, and bringing people together to learn something and have some fun, than any sort of a serious programming tool. I hope that we can all teach you something about codebreaking or about C++, and maybe you can help us all out in the process.

A friendly reminder to intrigued developers--first of all, if you're interested in developer access, email me at computer_guy57@users.sourceforge.net. Second, prealpha file releases are only going to be made after somewhat significant amounts of progress. To work on the project itself right now, make sure to grab the code from SVN, as it will be substantially more up-to-date.

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